Copeland Team

About Us

Your home is your largest investment. You work for it everyday. You want to know that you have hired a professional who cares about what you want and treats you with the utmost respect and honesty. That is what you will find with D.H. Copeland Builders. The Copeland family has been providing quality workmanship for more than 50 years. The current owner is the third generation builder and in total they have built 100’s of homes in this area. We treat every project as personal and we stand behind our work. This method has led to a reputation of honest hard working community members. Sean is incredibly talented at designing projects that bring a client’s vision to life.

Sean brings an exceptional set of skills that will keep the business current and growing.  Sean has a four year construction management degree from Wentworth Institute in Boston and experience building large commercial projects. His ability to schedule, control and oversee a myriad of details is critical to providing a top notch project whether it is an addition, remodel, 10,000 sq foot home or small commercial project.

D.H. Copeland Builders build beautiful, customized, high performance, energy wise homes. Built to survive the generations.

D.H. Copeland Builders is experienced in geo-thermal, as well as several other cutting edge building system technologies. We combine convenience items with modern technology, with a focus on your priorities, which may include:

  • Clean air and airflow
  • Energy efficient hot water
  • Overall energy conservation
  • Mold resistance
  • Allergen reduction

Building today requires not only conventional construction wisdom, but also a complete understanding of systems to ensure that they are working in harmony. If systems are competing against one another, they will reduce each other’s efficacy and efficiency. Integration of components for energy conservation, air exchange, reduction of heat loss, moisture control, and allergen reduction are a trademark of the modern home with D.H. Copeland Builders, Inc.